Relationship of selected sociodemographic factors and body composition in an open population of Rzeszów inhabitants participating in a health promoting event

Original Article, Pol J Public Health 2016;126(2); 68-71

Paweł Więch, Dariusz Bazaliński, Izabela Sałacińska, Monika Binkowska-Bury

Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences, Medical Faculty, University of Rzeszow, Rzeszow, Poland

DOI: 10.1515/pjph-2016-0014



Introduction. The structure of the human body may vary greatly, depending on a number of factors, sociodemographic ones in particular. An analysis of the body composition makes it possible to assess the existing differences and provides broader insight into the multidimensional changes occuring to the human body.

Aim. An investigation of the relationship between selected sociodemographic factors and body composition in an open population of Rzeszów residents.
Material and methods. The study was performed on a group of 101 adults, aged 30-83. Their body composition was examined using bioimpedance analyzer BIA-101 and selected sociodemographic factors were investigated using a survey questionnaire designed for that particular purpse. Mann-Whitney U test and Kruskal-Wallis test were applied to identify statistically significant differences between the examined variables. Additionally, Spearman’s rho correlation coefficient was applied.
The study adopted a significance level of p<0.05. Calculations were performed using IBM SPSS Statistics 20.
Results. The findings revealed some significant differences (p<0.05) related to gender, age and employment status, as well as selected constituents of fat mass and fat free mass in the subjects.
Conclusions. Selected sociodemographic factors significantly affect the components of body composition in adults. Further longitudinal studies are needed to confirm the reported differences.


sociodemographic factors, body composition, bioelectrical impedance, adults.


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