Number 4

  1. Hotel Services Outsourcing in Public Entities of Health Care Sector

  2. The significance of health opinion for planning health education

  3. Patterns and correlates of smoking among randomly selected former athletes

  4. Activities for the local community – the level of satisfaction and the assessment of sport and recreation activities of Wroclaw program „Community Sports Coach” concerning health promotion and addiction prevention

  5. Availability of health care in the Regions of Lublin and Katowice in opinions of patients with diagnosis of pathology of uterine

  6. Factors determining the choice of a health centre for surgical treatment

  7. Health behaviours in young people from rural environments

  8. Comparative study of the permanent dentition among 12- year-old children in the Lublin Region

  9. The pre-hospital treatment of paediatric injuries (a preliminary report)

  10. Selected aspects of quality of life in parents of children with bronchial asthma

  11. Infection of Ixodes ricinus ticks with Bartonella spp. in the Lublin macroregion

  12. Level of nurses’ knowledge concerning the transplant medicine

  13. Standards applied by the school nurse versus the knowledge and attitudes of secondary school students concerning normal body weight

  14. A comparative study of motor skills of physiotherapy and pharmacy students at Medical University of Lublin and their opinions concerning the role of physical activity in their future professional careers

  15. Public Health Classifications – based on the Public Health Classifications Project Final Report (Phase One)

  16. Internet as a source of information in public health. Part II.

  17. Internet as a source of information in public health. Part III.

  18. The role of education in venous thromboembolism prevention in obstetrics

  19. Institutional and informal support for disabled people

  20. Accident rate among children

  21. Damage as premise for compensatory liability

  22. High frequency electromagnetic field affecting living organism


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