Choking with foreign bodies – analysis of the problem of children living in the Lublin province

Original Article, Zdr Publ 2012;122(4): 411-414


1 Clinical Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, Children’s University Hospital in Lublin

2 Department of Qualified Medical Assistance, Medical University of Lublin

DOI_disc_logo​ 10.12923/j.0044-2011/122-4/a.14


Introduction. Foreign bodies (FB) aspirated through the oral cavity are important therapeutic and social problems in children. They are the cause of death and permanent injuries, including hypoxia caused by prolonged suffocation.
Aim. The aim of the research was to analyze the factors predisposing to ingestion hazard among children and to draw attention to the problem of educating tutors in providing first aid in case of choking.
Material and methods. The research method was the analysis of medical records of patients of the Department of Pediatric Otolaryngology, Audiology and Phoniatrics, Children’s University Hospital (DSK), Medical University of Lublin, hospitalized for suspected FB aspiration into the lower respiratory tract or esophagus.
Results. Of the 307 patients, 55% were children from rural areas. There was no significant relationship between clinical symptoms and the place of residence of the patients. Also, the type of FBs did not differentiate urban and rural children. A significant group consisted of children having parents with elementary education. The influence of seasonality – frequent FBs in children occurred in rural areas during the summer and autumn months, which could be due to the involvement of parents in the field work.
Conclusion. The reasons why the following analysis has been made is a wide scale of the problem of foreign bodies in children and unsatisfactory training of health care workers who may come into contact with young patients in health or life-threatening situations due to choking.

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foreign body, aspiration, demographic factors, respiratory tract, esophagus, child, education


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