Number 3




1. Health-related behaviors among the Lublin Province population

2. Education in public health major at Polish medical universities in the aspect of the Bologna Process

3. Assessment of students’ knowledge on selected parasite risks occurring in playgrounds in summer

4. Health-related behaviours among physical education students as an element of their preparation for health education in schools

5. Selected anti-health behaviors of junior high school students diagnosed with allergic disease

6. Influence of social and demographic factors on clinical status and severity of chronic fatigue syndrome in patients with multipl

7. The level of satisfaction with nursing care among patients hospitalized in the Neurosurgery ward

8. The impact of family support on metabolic control in patients with type 2 diabetes

9. The women`s knowledge about the urinary incontinence and ways of controlling the illness

10. Pregnant women’s attitudes toward smoking posing danger to foetuses and newborns

11. Personal experiences of water birth

12. The influence of elective cesarean section on Apgar score

13. The effectiveness of thromboprophylaxis after the total hip replacement

14. Occupational stress in physicians working in hospitals and outpatient clinics




15. The use of standardization in IT systems in health care

16. The contribution of EU funds in investments of the Independent Public Health Care Unit in Kraśnik

17. Dental implant treatment failures related to tobacco smoking

18. Recent advances in diagnostics of preeclampsia in pregnancy

19. Assisted reproductive techniques and NaProTechnology

20. Diet supplementation

21. “The Toronto Charter for Physical Activity: A Global Call for Action”


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