Number 2




1. Civil-law contracts as the solution to the poor accessibility to specialists?

2. Self-governmental poviat prevention program of cardiovascular diseases

3. “The method of black spots” in risk management of adverse events – with the example of a research hospital

4. Medical examinations of drivers for health reasons performed in compliance with the Road Traffic Act in the Podlaski Regional Centre of Occupational Medicine in Białystok in the years 2005-2009

5. Analysis of allergic diseases incidence against the background of priority health problems in the group of children and adolescents of the Łęczyński Poviat

6. Emotions in professional relations and employees’ health as exemplified by the teacher’s profession

7. Social support and strategies of coping with stress in patients with ulcer disease

8. The quality of life of postmenopausal women with hip and knee advanced dysfunction due to osteoarthritis prior to joint replacem

9. Evaluation of psychophysical condition of patients attending the “Caritas” Health Care Centre of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese

10. Support gap in dementia family caregivers from Italy and Poland

11. Assessment of oral cavity condition at patients representing healthy and unhealthy lifestyle

12. The evaluation of oral health knowledge in secondary school students in Lublin

13. The influence of the first aid training on the knowledge of middle school students

14. Early sexual initiation in a group of juvenile mothers

15. Leaders of health education in the modern school

16. Readiness of pedagogy and sociology students for the role of health educators in cervical cancer prevention




17. Key problems with implementation of e-medical records

18. Bacterial resistance to carbapenems in terms of public health

19. Current views on the role and pathogenesis of osteoarthritis of the knee

20. Advances in gastrointestinal endoscopy in practical terms

21. Prosthetic treatment with dental implants

22. The role of Problem Sections Established in the structure of the Polish Society of Allergology


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