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1. Mental disorders in children and adolescents population

2. The impact of emotional states on relations with the family in people with inflammatory bowel disease

3. Opinions of medical students and academic teachers on online learning

4. Characteristics of the perception of the nursing profession by Polish students of medicine

5. Nutritional assessment of shift workers

6. Cervical cancer prevention in a selected group of nurses on the background of the Multidimensional Health Locus of Control Scale

7. Primary school students in Poland have not enough knowledge to give first aid to burnt people

8. Rehabilitation of speech among patients laryngectomized due to laryngeal carcinoma

9. Prehospital pain treatment in children with burns

10. Quality of life vs. health behaviours among respondents attending the University of the Third Age (U3A) – preliminary study

11. Type 2 diabetes as a factor influencing the professional activity of patients after acute coronary syndrome

12. Evaluation of the state of dentition in children and adolescents aged 16-18 attending secondary schools in the city of Lublin

13. Smoking addiction and its toxic influence on the oral health




14. Healthcare advisor as a new majorin response to the needs of the healthcare system

15. Emergency Medical Service (EMS) systems on the world and the Polish system

16. Season and pandemic flu – the consequences for health, social and economical issue

17. Local government and prophylaxis HIV/AIDS

18. Viral threat in the dentist’s work

19. Labelling of foodstuffs as the element of realization pro-healthy diet

20. The role of a nurse and a midwife in vaccinations of children and young adults

21. Ultrasound in Obstetrics – More Safe?

22. Contributions of Seweryn Sterling in a fight against tuberculosis and his initiatives in founding healthcare institutions in Lodz


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