Number 2


1. Quality assessment of health care services in patients’ and medical staff’s opinion

2. The length of doing time and the mental health of convicts

3. Tumor type in prediction of survival in patients with endometrial cancer

4. Attitudes of women towards pregnancy and delivery following assisted reproductive techniques

5. The Internet as a source of information about pregnancy, confinement and child care. The analysis of the research results ...

6. Selected elements of life style and health issues of 50+ persons

7. Dental prevention habits in adults attending special-care schools. A questionnaire study of parents/caregivers

8. The image of dentist profession in the opinion of dentistry students of the Medical University of Lublin in 2004-2007

9. Comparative analysis of health risk behaviours demonstrated by law students of the University of Szczecin in Poland and ...

10. Detection of latent tuberculosis infection in BCG vaccinated children

11. Bacterial sexually transmitted-diseases – the threat of the 21st century

12. The health effecs of using solarium

13. Legal highs as an urgent issue of public health

14. Orthodontic treatment of patients with diabetes – topical problem of dentistry and public health

15. Detection of latent tuberculosis infection in BCG vaccinated children

16. The role of a nurse in prevention of child abuse syndrome

17. Oral cavity condition monitoring. Indexes used in orthodontics

18. Patent protection for medicinal products – the negative aspects, alternatives

19. The activity of Lodz Branch of Social Committee against Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases from 1972 to 2003


20. Academic education in Public Health

21. Recenzja książki pt. „Socjologia z medycyną. W kręgu myśli naukowej Magdaleny Sokołowskiej”


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