Number 4

  1. Stress as a risk factor of ischaemic heart disease among participants of the Programme of Preventive Measures in an Early Detection of Circulatory System Diseases
  2. The role of social support in the process of cardiologic rehabilitation
  3. Independence of elderly persons living in the rural areas in performing basic and complex everyday activities
  4. An evaluation of the execution of the educational and informational needs of women during hospital treatment for breast cancer
  5. Evaluation of the influence of therapeutic tasks performed by a nursing team on the quality of life of women after mastectomy
  6. The problem of occurrence of faulty postures in children and adolescents in the city of Zielona Góra and the region
  7. The level of knowledge of health-oriented physical activity among post-secondary students
  8. Extracellular water compartment in hemodialyzed patients with normal blood pressure and with hypertension
  9. Extracellular water compartment measured with the use of whole body and segmental bioimpedance technique in hemodialyzed patient
  10. Computer guided analysis of hemodialyzed patients’ bioimpedance spectroscopy parameters
  11. Hypertension and dry weight in hemodialyzed patients
  12. Studies of microbiological contamination of water from dental units in rural dental practices
  13. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – epidemiology of the 21st century
  14. Paintball – a game leading to serious visual disorders
  15. In vivo research of choroidal neovascularization – an animal model
  16. Spirometric assessment of the rural population of Rejowiec Commune
  17. Occupational burnout and the sense of coherence among pediatric nurses
  18. Telemedicine – medicine and technology in fight for our health
  19. Hypertension, lipids and carbohydrate disorders among women in perimenopause – hormonal and pathophysiological aspects
  20. Towards the humanization of childbirth. The draft standard of maternal care in Poland


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