Number 3

  1. Functioning of the healthcare system in Poland – interest and self-assessed level of knowledge of the surveyed
  2. Analysis of the structure of health benefits of the Hospital Emergency Ward at the Public University Hospital No. 4 in Lublin
  3. The analysis of factors influencing the delay of the treatment by patients with the chest pain
  4. Health awareness of inhabitants of Lublin versus justifiability of calling emergency ambulance services
  5. The quality of first aid services on the basis of patients’ opinions
  6. The quality of perinatal care in the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Regional Hospital in Łomża
  7. Respecting patient rights in perinatal care in the Podlaskie Voivodeship – introductory study
  8. Quality of life of the children suffering from bronchial asthma
  9. Strategies for coping with stress most commonly used among young people overusing psychoactive substances
  10. The attitude of junior secondary school students coming from families with alcohol problems to further education
  11. Health education and the quality of life in children suffering from bronchial asthma
  12. Primary Health Care Nurses’ Knowledge about Alcohol Use with Respect to its Impact on Blood Pressure and the Risk of Developing Arterial Hypertension
  13. Working time at nursing workplaces in long-term care facilities
  14. The quality of women’s life after breast carcinoma surgery
  15. Dietary habits in children from rural environments
  16. Opinions of 6th year students of the Faculty of Medicine on the process of their education in Pomeranian Medical University ...
  17. Caesarean section in the opinion of pregnant women
  18. Electrostimulation as a conservative treatment for urinary incontinence in women
  19. Renal function and anemia status determination at the early stages of kidney transplant function
  20. Internet as a source of information in public health. Part I. The origin and history of Internet
  21. Patient safety as part of a health care quality system on Polish and Swedish example
  22. Principles of therapeutic contact: physician-patient
  23. Stigmatization of people with psoriasis
  24. Long term care for elderly in USA
  25. Conditions, methods and principles of healthcare system records integration – part 2


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