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"Polish Journal of Public Health" („Zdrowie Publiczne”) is a scientific journal addressing issues of broadly understood public health presented in the form of peer-reviewed original, review and editorial articles.


Each author should register his/her article via the platform of Publishing House of the Medical University of Lublin ( It will improve the flow of information between the authors and editors, and between the editors and referees.


Manuscripts for publication (text, tables, figures, graphs and original numerical data) must be submitted in the form of two typewritten copies, with CD enclosed as a file in MS Word for Windows. All pages of the manuscript should be numbered, and the complete text should not exceed 18.000 charactersincluding spaces ie approx. 10 pages of standard manuscript (30 lines of ca. 60 characters/page).


Organisation of the material submitted for publication:
1st page: title, names and surnames of the authors, affiliations, addresses of institutions represented by the authors, address for correspondence, telephone number, e-mail;
2nd page: title, abstract in Polish and in English, 1,500-2,000 characters (according to standards of biographical databases), reflecting the structure of an original article (introduction, aim, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusion) or of a review article, key words, 3-10 words according to “Medical Subject Headings” (;
3rd and following pages: title and text, references, tables, figures, graphs and original numerical data.


Organisation of original articles: introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion, conclusions, references (no more than 15).


Original and review articles are published entirely in English. Editors accept for review papers both in Polish and in English. After receiving a positive review, the authors are expected to provide an English translation of papers submitted in Polish.


References should be cited by numerals in square brackets. The list of references should follow the “Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals”. References should be numbered in order of appearance in the text, as in examples on the website:


Original articles and review articles should be submitted together with short biographical notes concerning the authors: names and surname, name of university and year of graduation, scientific (professional) title (degree), place of employment, position, main scientific interests or achievements.





The author is obliged to sign the following declaration: Neither this manuscript nor one with substantially similar content under my/our authorship has been published or submitted for publication elsewhere. In case of selecting the submitted material for publication, the undersigned author(s) transmit the copyright to the Publishers of the journal to the Medical University of Lublin, the Publisher of Polish Journal of Public Health.

Authors should be aware of possible conflicts of interests. Especially, they are responsible for indicating their study funding sources, and other kinds of material or organisational support provided by companies, institutions, organisations or individuals interested in the publication of the paper. Possible conflicts of interests should be revealed to the editors in the form of a signed personal statement describing briefly the character of the relationships. The editors should also be notified about the absence of conflicts of interests in the form of the following signed statement: “I declare that there is no conflict of interests which could have influenced impartiality and reliability of the paper entitled “...”.


The Editors of Polish Journal of Public Health (Zdrowie Publiczne) while evaluating the manuscripts for publication use the double-blind peer review process, which means that the reviewer/s and the author/s do not know their identities.


In original articles where research involved humans or animals, information on the consent of the research ethics board (bioethics board).


The editors reserve the right to correct linguistic and nomenclature mistakes, make abbreviations and other editorial corrections.


The authors contribute a fee of 369 PLN or 90 Euro (gross) for a standard original and review article (not more than 10 pages, 5 tables or figures). The fee for each additional text page, table or figure is 10.00 PLN net (12.30 PLN gross). One copy of “Polish Journal of Public Health” will be sent to address for correspondence.


The prerequisite for the publication of the article is the payment of publication fee by the author/s.
The manuscript having been accepted for publication, the author should administer a payment of 369 PLN  (or equivalent) to the following bank account: 
PKO BP 42 1020 3147 0000 8002 0084 6204
Uniwersytet Medyczny w Lublinie
Al.Racławickie 1
20-059 Lublin
The name of bank:
PKO BP S.A. VI O/Lublin
20-538  Lublin
90 Euro
Bank PKO BP S.A.
II Regionalne Centrum Korporacyjne
ul. Watykańska 7
20-538 Lublin
IBAN: PL 56 1020 3147 0000 8802 0114 4708
The bank account number should be preceded by PL.
with a note: PJPH, Surname and Name of first Autor - opłata autorska or payment author


  1. Licence to Publish
  2. Umowa wydawnicza
  3. Declaration For Authors (.rtf)
  4. Oświadczenie autora publikacji dotyczące afiliacji (w przypadku braku lub więcej niż jednej afiliacji w publikacji) (.rtf)


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